I wanted to write and thank you for your years of providing me the very best custom clothes. I have had the good fortune to wear custom clothes for several years. While all of these clothes are certainly of a much better fit and craftsmanship than store bought, I quickly learned that a Jin Lee product is different. Your attention to all of the details (pick stitching, pen pockets, angle of pockets, etc) is noticeable in the final product – both in the way the product fits and feels. I must admit I overlooked many of theses small nuances for years, but I’ve been educated by the very best.

The other benefit in having you tailor my clothes is working with you personally. You spend the needed time when reviewing material and colors with me and your insight is always helpful. It is reassuring to know when it comes time to purchase new clothes – all I need to do is come see you – decide the material and boom(!), two to three weeks later – I have customized clothes – that I have learned is guaranteed to fit – the first time.

The biggest compliment I can give you is that whenever I have a new suit made, and I see my colleagues, the question is always asked, “Have you lost weight?” And, of course, I say “yes!” What they do not know is that because of your attention to detail, years of knowledge and know how – you simply make me look better.

Thank you Todd Keiser Area Vice President Straumann USA